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IS THIS IT?!?! NO. but we have a BREAK here.

Posted in miscellaneous on June 14, 2010 by jędruś

LITTLE UPDATE: (25.07.2010)

jdrq also do have his own blog


There was a time, when zbyszek, marcin and jdrq have had a lot of free time. (Un)Fortunately those times have gone for good. But don’t loose your faith in separtysci. Hopefully the boys will make it to their retirement, and than they’ll come back here, where all the things began

Hence, we, the people, that like this blog, we have to be patient.  We have to believe!


zbyszek is now publishing his pics on his private blog.

you can find marcin’s photodiary HERE.

some of jdrq’s and marcin’s pics are on

both marcin and yendreck put their pics on


Important – all of this is not beacuse we’re not friends any more! NO NO NO! In fact, we now more like each other than ever before. It’s just life.

FEW STATS: almost 300.000 views, 676 posts (better than 666), post with the biggest number of comments, and surprisingly – post with the biggest numer of views :-) (thanks to google of course).

Questions? Post it. We’ll answer for sure.

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